Pihusi Apote/ Cochabamba – Bolivia


“Bodies affected in a close connection with the space, develop their language communication with the difficulties and physical challenges, generating mimesis between body and texture.This is where the camera constructs a dramaturgy that makes the place a single reading, while that the dancers are suffocate and STAY to the point of investigating a dead box full of something that until now could never be out. STAGNANT It is built under the premise of making art beyond the urban cell (in the rural area), as a meeting work and collective creation meeting one of Pihusi Apote Cbba’s community pieces projects.

“Cuerpos afectados y en estrecha relación con el espacio dónde están, van desenvolviendo un lenguaje con las texturas y estructuras físicas. La cámara construye una dramaturgia propia mientras los bailarines se sofocan y ESTANCAN hasta el punto de indagar un cuadro sin salida lleno de algo que hasta ahora nunca pudo ser”.

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